Studio Pro 41 / GTS 41 Full, Seamless Shelf

Large art and architectural pieces demand a firing shelf that is free of seems and joints. It's difficult to create large pieces that enjoy continuity and visual flow using a grouping of small shelves. A singular, seamless shelf is called for and this shelf delivers. This shelf is designed for exclusive use in the Evenheat models Studio Pro 41 and GTS 41. We do not guarantee fit in similar competitor models.

Shelf measures 39.3" x 24" x 1" thick and has a maximum use of 2000°F (100cm x 61cm x 2.5cm thick, 1093°C maximum use). It's recommended that at least 12 posts be used to support this shelf.

Received shelf may contain surface imperfections such as scratches, discoloration or rough edge. These possible imperfections are understood and accepted by the buyer.

Additional freight charges may apply on this item.

Evenheat will contact you regarding any additional charges before shipping.

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